Conscious Adventurist is a global, organic collective made up of passionate and progressive individuals.

Each member of our team works mindfully and respectfully to connect with our planet, while also honoring the true nature of their, respective, adventurous spirits to thrive. Through education, partnerships, and inspiration, our team’s focus lies within helping our clients to synergize their desire to fully experience and connect with Planet Earth, while maintaining an ethical obligation to simultaneously protect and support it in all its beauty and splendor. We are made up of the world’s most outstanding tour guides working together to create the best personalized travel experiences for each of our individual client’s.

The purpose of our existence is to create the best custom travel experiences for people of all ages and fitness levels.

With a wide variety of travel styles from adrenaline sports to trekking—we make sure to cover all of our client’s wants when it comes to making their dream travel experience become realities. We understand that every person has different preferences and needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to customize any of our trips for each individual. This includes accommodating for any nutritional or dietary preferences.

We are an eco-conscious organization that strives to give back as much as possible.

This includes our membership with Patagonia’s 1% For The Planet and our partnership with Protect Our Winters. A portion of every purchase from our site goes towards supporting environmental initiatives. We are committed to ethical, sustainable and responsible travel.

Conscious Adventurist provides an elevated level of travel for its clients.

Our vast international network is made up of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced guides. This allows us to offer unique world-class adventure travel at its best! At Conscious Adventurist we make our client’s most meaningful and wildest travel dreams become their travel realities. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help custom tailor your next exciting global adventure!




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