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Greenland Summer Adventure: Nuuk & Ilulissat

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Get close to nature on this luxury adventure to Greenland. Go into the fjord of Nuuk for a full immersion the comfortable way in a tented camp with real beds and a chef preparing your meals while you relax after a day of adventure. Visit “the town of icebergs” and see the massive icebergs from land, on sea and from above under the midnight sun. The humpback whales will likely be paying a visit as well and you will be able to see the fascinating creatures up close.

Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

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Sample Itinerary. All of our journeys are individually custom tailored.



Cruise through one of the oldest spots on earth and enjoy the feeling of freedom as our busy life fades away for each mile we distance ourselves from civilisation. (RIB Boat).

The cruise is 80 km/50 miles long deep into the world’s second largest fiord system. Along the way, we will scout for the humpback whale which is often spotted in these waters with depths up to 700m/2300 feet. Lean back and enjoy the fresh air and the limitless sky as we free our minds from everyday life.

Our destination is Camp Kiattua for a true wilderness glamping experience.

We start with a short hike upstream to a waterfall - it is a beautiful hike, but demands a bit of stamina. This little hike is designed to give the us an idea of the groups physical abilities, and give you a breathtaking view from above and down over the Kiattua valley.

Overnight Camp Kiattua



After a good night’s sleep, breakfast will be served at the dining tent before we head out for your adventure of the day.

We embark the RIB boat. The boat will cruise 40 minutes to the Kapisillit area which is the only Greenlandic Salmon breeding spot. Here we will be introduced to fishing with both traditional rod but also bare hand techniques – it’s a guaranteed memorable fishing experience – catching Arctic Char. We will enjoy our lunch box next to the river From the fishing and dining spot we will walk to the settlement of Kapisillit. 50 inhabitants, one shop, a school and a church, makes this is a typical Greenlandic settlement that exist scattered all over the country. You will have rich opportunity to explore and get hands on experience with settlement life, visiting the locals and walking the length of this tiny settlement. The boat will pick us up and return us to the camp just in time for dinner

Overnight Camp Kiattua



The boat cruises east deep into to the Nuuk fjord. Our boat will stop on the way to the ice fiord, letting you get the thrilling experience of swimming in the arctic waters and standing on an ice floe dressed in survival suits. After capturing this, our boat sails on to the most productive glacier in our region before heading back for the camp, sailing close by high peaks, waterfalls and small bays. After lunch you can join a Nomad for a afternoon hike in the wonderful surroundings. The day is finished off with a dinner at the tent. After dinner you can enjoy the view and the midnight sun from the hot tub - or late night there is even a chance to see the Northern Lights (end of August - September).

Overnight Camp Kiattua



Breakfast at the camp and goodbye. Transfer back to town (Nuuk) by RIB boat.

Lunch at Greenland’s Cultural House called Katuaq before departure with Air Greenland to Ilulissat. Transfer to Hotel Arctic. Welcome and briefing by your guide about your stay in Ilulissat

Evening Kayaking among Icebergs:

In the evening we will paddle in a kayak and witness the overwhelming beauty of icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord.

Kayaking in Ilulissat is a unique activity for two reasons. The first one is very obvious, kayaking is possibly the best way to experience the Ilulissat Icefjord (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Being at the sea level, without any noise and just using your own body to sail among icebergs. The second one, perhaps not that known among people visiting us, is that 4000 years ago people already used kayaks for travelling and hunting here in Ilulissat.

Our experienced and certified kayaking guides, modern expedition equipment and safety protocols will make it possible for you to kayak among icebergs, even if you have never been on a kayak before. Besides, they will introduce you to the fascinating world of the original kayak “qajaq”, invented in Greenland and made out of drifting wood and animal skin.

We start meeting and gearing up. After a short walk to the charming historic center of Ilulissat, we will start our activity, which embraces all the wonders from this destination. In our tour you will paddle in a kayak (a Greenlandic typical mean of transport) while you will witness the overwhelming beauty of icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord.

Overnight Hotel Arctic)



Breakfast at Hotel Arctic before you head off to the settlement of Ilimanaq.

Transfer to the harbour for your shuttle to Ilimanaq Lodge.

The guide will give you a tour of the settlement, which has a rich traditional life and culture. Ilimanaq means “expectation place” and you can expect to hear about the hunting culture which the population still represents, and they are still a major part of Greenland’s way of living and everyday life. There are only about 50 inhabitants in Ilimanaq that lives there all year.

Enjoy a gourmet dinner based on local catch of the day at the beautifully and carefully renovated 1700’s house turned into a restaurant with a view to the sea.

Whales are easily spotted among the icebergs while you are enjoying the view and sunset from the restaurant or your cabin.
Option to do a 6 hour hike to “Nordre Huse”
Your guide will greet you in front of the reception in Ilimanaq Lodge to take you on this adventurous hike up the coast from Ilimanaq. You will need to bring a good pair of hiking boots to accomplish the trip, because there are no marked trails or paved paths in this area.

We will leave the comfortable lodging and head out into the backcountry where we'll find abandoned settlements and graveyards that will let our thoughts wander off in a multitude of directions. Why are there crosses and skulls here in the middle of nowhere? Your guide will explain everything while you try to comprehend the puzzling experiences.

Reaching the highest point close to the Ilulissat Icefjord you will stand next to the impressive icebergs that are stuck for our convenience. If we hike on a clear day we will be able to see the Ilulissat Glacier 65 kilometers east of our position. After lunch we will get picked up by our boat to sail back to Ilimanaq for more great experiences. (Lunch package included).

Overnight Ilimanaq Lodge



Breakfast at the restaurant - make sure you try the homemade nutella!

You will be picked up from Ilimanaq by your private boat for a sightseeing tour that will get you closer to the whales and the icebergs, which is a fantastic combination. There are 15 kinds of whales in Greenland, but the humpback whale is the most common in the Summer. Despite its lengths of 18 metres and 30 tons the humpback is the acrobat of the sea - it jumps out of the water and flap its fins and flippers. When it dives it will erect its fin.

Back in town you will be transferred to Hotel Arctic and have a lunch at the restaurant before your next adventure.
Flightseeing Tour
The view from above has no parallel. You will be going on a small plane for only 5 passengers to do a sightseeing flight over the icebergs. You will be picked up by private car for the short transfer to the airport.

Discover the amazing Eqi; The Calving Glacier, the Ice Cap, The Greenlandic Tundra, the Spectacular Isua Glacier, Ilulissat Icefjord; The UNESCO site, the moraine edge of Kangia, various wildlife and the giant icebergs around Ilulissat town. (All passengers have a window seat and a headset to reduce the noise from the aircraft and for you to be in direct contact with the pilot, who is also your guide on this sightseeing tour).

Transfer to Hotel Arctic and dinner at the hotel.

Overnight Hotel Arctic



Breakfast buffet at Hotel Arctic before your hike

You will hike to Sermermiut along the icefjord, where you will be able to see natural graveyards from our ancestors. In the old days (not that long ago) our ancestors were put to rest in places where they could see the sea. And since we have permafrost in Greenland we couldn’t just dig a hole. Instead we covered them in rocks, that you will still see today - you may even be able to see their bones. If that is too scary, we will just focus on the fantastic view of massive icebergs. On our way to or from the Sermermiut hike we will have time to stop and pet the sled puppies. Transfer back to Hotel Arctic.

Last Nights Dinner
Enjoy a dinner at Hotel Arctic a la carte Restaurant Ulo. Finish of with a Greenlandic coffee.

Overnight Hotel Arctic



Breakfast at Hotel Arctic and day on your own until your sweet farewell to Greenland.




Your tent is huge with ample space to stand – It comes with 2 single or 1 double bed fully lined – small table with chairs and a wood stove. Each tent has its own separate private eco toilet and hot shower.

The dining tent has a built in kitchen that allows you to observe and even participate when the chef turns fresh ingredients in to a fine gourmet dinner, but you can also just relax and arrive at the dining tent when dinner is ready.


is a 4 star hotel with a 5 star view to the icebergs from the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel has a restaurant, a wine bar and a variety of rooms. In the summer it is even possible to stay in the metal igloos in front of Hotel Arctic.


In a village called Ilimanaq, about 40 minutes by boat from Ilulissat (depending on the ice situation) lies Ilimanaq Lodge that was built in the summer of 2017. The huts are situated on the edge of the coastline in harmony with nature in the first row, with unique vistas of majestic icebergs and impressive whales. At Ilimanaq Lodge you’ll be right out there experiencing this little Greenlandic village in a comfortable setting.

Ilimanaq Lodge comprises of 15 luxury huts – each hut has its own solar panels installed, supplying energy for heating and electricity. Surplus electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the village and the locals. The long bright nights in the Greenlandic summer make use of solar panels very effective.

The huts are built as a two-floor construction and are designed to integrate into the surrounding tundra. All huts are furnished in a beautiful Nordic design, and each has a private bathroom and toilet. As the highly modern buildings they are, they of course have flushing toilets, as well as warm water in the shower and electricity for lighting and heating.

  • Return flights from Iceland or Copenhagen to Greenland
  • Camp Kiattua (3 nights/ 4 days) – everything included: transfers, all meals, all activities, accommodation
  • Hotel Arctic/ Umiaq Deluxe 2 pers in dob/ 2 nights – day 4 & 6
  • Hike to Sermermiut w. guide
  • Evening Kayaking – Light Dinner
  • Ilimanaq Lodge incl. transfer/ 2 per in a cabin
  • Dinner
  • Shuttle
  • Hike Qajaa 6 hours
  • Whales & Ice (boat trip)
  • Flightseeing 60 minutes
  • Lunch Hotel Arctic
  • Last Night Dinner
  • Hike to Sermermiut w. guide
  • Hotel Arctic/ Umiaq Deluxe 2 pers in dob/ 1 night
  • Transfer to airport
  • Breakfast included plus meals mentioned in Ilulissat
  • Travel insurance, which is strongly recommended Optional excursions, tours and activities Gratuities
  • Alcoholic drinks and other beverages unless otherwise noted above
  • Meals not noted in the itinerary, or meals for which only reservations have been made Early check-in, late check-out, and day use charges not noted above
  • Personal expenses, services, or purchases (e.g. laundry, spa services, and telephone calls)
  • Airfare and related taxes and fees

Pricing starts at:


Pricing Estimate


per person

All of our adventures are private, customizable and individually tailored just for you! Please fill out the REQUEST QUOTE  form to connect with one of our Adventure Architects to plan your next journey!