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There is no denying it, travel in 2021 and beyond will be fundamentally different. And while the uncertainty of Covid-19 demands that we be responsive and thoughtful travelers, there are many steps we can take as global citizens to protect the health of ourselves and the planet as we get back out there to see the world with a newfound appreciation.

Inspired by travel visionaries, Conscious Adventurist is built around facing the global tragedies we have experienced and rising to the challenge of innovating solutions for the future of travel. As we head into 2021, Conscious Adventurist knows that how you travel will be just as important as where and why you travel.

2021 will demand that we travel with responsibility, flexibility, mindfulness, and trusted travel advisors. While this new age of travel may feel daunting, we are confident that if we approach travel as mindful, responsible, and flexible, explorers, global travel can be just as limitless as it was before Covid-19. With thoughtful planning and extensive safety measures to protect the traveler and the destination, Conscious Adventurist is excited to take you into a new era of traveling with a newfound appreciation and gratitude for the gift of travel.

Travel Responsibly

Responsible travel is a powerful way to protect and nourish the planet. Making responsible travel choices isn’t just imperative to protect yourself from the Coronavirus but is also important to help preserve the beauty of the locales you travel to. A thoughtful and meaningful trip can bring significant, positive impact to local communities and bolster natural ecosystems and local economies. Conscious Adventurist is dedicated to making sure that your travel plays a role in protecting wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

As travelers in 2021, we must be vigilant in protecting the health and safety of ourselves, our flight crews, our guides, and everyone else who makes our adventures possible. People and places worldwide have established new protocols and safety procedures to keep travelers safe and make travel possible again. While these new safety measures may feel daunting, navigating them effectively can open the door for travelers to experience a fully customizable experience of a lifelong dream.

Travel with Flexibility

Looking to fuel recovery from the pandemic, properties and airlines around the world are moving towards more flexible booking conditions, relaxed cancellation policies, and no change fees, making travel in 2021 an appealing choice for anyone looking for an easy and risk-free travel experience. Traveling in uncertain Coronavirus conditions, it’s important to be flexible should your plans need to change, and people and places all over the world are eager to provide you that flexibility. Whether you’re in the planning stages of a trip of a lifetime for 2022, or your bags are packed and you’re ready for departure, you’ll need to be prepared for changes that could come at a moment’s notice. Wherever you’re adventuring, opening up your mindset to the unexpected is crucial in ensuring an optimal travel experience.

Travel Mindfully

Another huge piece of traveling in 2021 and beyond is a respect and consideration for the safety of the people and places we visit. It’s essential to be aware of the testing and quarantining expectations of your destinations and make a plan for how to follow those regulations while traveling. We are all learning together how to stay connected while socially distanced, and we urge everyone to bring compassion and understanding to bear wherever they travel.

As you travel, be mindful of wearing your mask, be a part of slowing the spread of the virus, making sure that people can still experience this newly-precious gift of travel. It’s always been important to choose to do business with people and properties that are having a positive impact on the planet, but in this age it’s becoming even more important to be conscious of supporting the good in the world.

Plan your travels with a Trusted Travel Advisor

As we look to the travelling climate in 2021, there are more reasons than ever to plan your adventures with a trusted travel advisor. Adventure architects not only design logistically seamless experiences tailoring details to your needs and travel style, but are your advocates and greatest ally in curating ideal itineraries, negotiating re bookings, travel credits, refunds, and ever-changing supplier policies. Especially with all the unknowns of Covid-19, having a travel agent you trust is crucial in saving your sanity, time, and money. A trusted travel advisor will work around the clock while you’re traveling to ensure you are safe and supported. Your travel advisor is also invaluable in making sure you meet all requirements and have the proper health forms and required testing based on your destinations’ Covid-19 restrictions. At Conscious Adventurist, your safety is our priority, which is why we will only send you to properties and places who are committed to putting safety first, both for you as a traveler, and for the planet as a whole.

With a dedicated travel advisor, if you encounter a problem during your travels, you can kick back and enjoy a cocktail while your travel expert takes care of everything for you, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. At Conscious Adventurist, we listen to you. We get to know you and your family. We care about you and the climate, and we create an epic adventure with love, mindfulness, responsibility, and world-class expertise. Let us guide you on an elevated, eco-conscious experience.

Have a positive impact on the planet via Travel

At Conscious Adventurist, we are excited to be a part of driving the positive impact travelers can have on the planet in 2021 and beyond. Living through a global pandemic that has driven many of us back to our own corners of the world has gifted us a deeper and more profound appreciation for the life changing experiences of travelling the world and truly connecting with everything the planet has to offer. Prioritizing flexibility for whatever may arise, and mindful travel to protect both you as the traveler and the health of your destinations, we are ready to get you back out there into the world as well as start recovering and re-connecting. When you are ready to take the first step back into the world, talk to your trusted travel advisor at Conscious Adventurist and plan the perfect, fully customizable, world-class adventure of a lifetime that will bring healing to everyone who is a part of it.