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Where to travel next?

Are you a traveler? If so, my guess is that you’ve been asking yourself the same two questions I’ve been asking myself throughout quarantine: When can I travel and where can I go?

At Conscious Adventurist, we’ve done the research and are here to share the top destinations that we’ve found are safe and ready for post-pandemic travel. If you are ready for take-off in 2021 or want to plan a trip of a lifetime for departure in 2022, these adventures are for you.

Read on to explore our ideas of some of the most remarkable journeys on the planet.  

It’s no surprise that 2021 will be the year of the American road-trip. Take to winding country roads and stretching highways to experience the great outdoors and see everything the United States has in store. The stunning and iconic American Southwest is bursting with opportunities for you to explore. From exquisite culinary delights, historical sights steeped with life, to jaw-dropping landscapes. Sleep under the stars and share the spirit of adventure with your loved ones in the wild west. Traverse breathtaking geological earthscapes and the painted pallet of the desert. The possibilities are endless across the vast American landscape.

Luxurious canvas tents outfitted with queen beds and en-suite bathrooms ensure the highest levels of comfort no matter how deep you are into the wilderness. Glamping in the southwest is the ultimate way to explore America’s landscapes. With luxury camping sites as your home base, you will be perfectly poised for an elevated experience in the wide-open space of the southwest.

Pura Vida! Costa Rica!

Pura Vida! Costa Rica! With lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, pristine beaches, and happy people, Costa Rica guarantees tropical bliss. Whether you’re surfing the supreme waves or finding your inner zen at a yoga den, you will be surrounded by beauty on all sides in Costa Rica. Snack on local tacos, brimming with authentic flavors while you watch the monkeys play in the trees above you. Bask in the good life in the haven that is Pura Vida.

Sustainability is core to the Costa Rican way of life. With plans to be the first carbon-neutral country in 2021, sustainability is deeply embedded in the culture, community, and travelers of Costa Rica. Home to an incredible 5% of the whole earth’s biodiversity, visitors can immerse themselves in endless natural wonders. Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate in the sea breeze of Costa Rica.

A South American Delight

Ecuador is one of the world’s most exciting destinations and is ready to open its doors to travelers. Dive into the seas and become a part of the underwater world with marvelous marine life. Trek through the jungles and listen to the birds sing and the monkeys howl. Wander the cobblestone streets of a capital city that scrapes the clouds. Smell the sophisticated culinary sensations and mingle with the locals. However you choose to spend your days, your trip to Ecuador is guaranteed to be filled with adrenaline. With Conscious Adventurist to help you travel conscientiously, you will be playing a vital role in protecting the beauty of Ecuador while you travel. If Ecuador isn’t on your travel radar yet, make sure to add it to the list. This South American destination delivers nothing short of unbelievable memories.

East Africa is truly EPIC

East Africa is truly epic, the perfect destination for anyone itching with cabin fever. Hot springs, waterfalls, mountain climbing, chimp tracking, and gorilla watching are just a few of the things that make Uganda an utterly unique adventure. Rwanda is blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, stunning scenery, and friendly communities. Experience the gorillas and incredible wildlife throughout the volcanoes, rainforest, and sweeping plains of Rwanda. 

See the tribes of the Samburu, hear the sounds of the wild, and feel the rush of adventure while experiencing quintessential Africa in the plains of Kenya. You’ll feel as though you have been transported back in time as you get a glimpse of the life of nomadic tribesmen. Tanzania loves to show off the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro that touches its skies and the depths of its craters that carve into the earth. East Africa will provide a larger than life experience that will forever transform how you travel and see the world.

With Conscious Adventurist to help you travel responsibly, you’ll be helping protect the lands where the exotic wildlife roams. You’ll know that you’re an active part in protecting the beauty and wonder you’re drinking in each day. With flexible booking conditions and your trusted travel advisor, planning your trip of a lifetime to East Africa is as effortless as it will be exhilarating. 

A deeply magical place

If you seek a place utterly incomparable to anywhere else on the planet, then look no further than Antarctica – a deeply magical place where you can listen to the sound of silence as rich as the ocean. Sit and watch wildlife found nowhere else on earth amongst hues of blue ice frozen in time. An Antarctic experience is one like no other. With expanses of snow and ice untouched by travelers, Antarctica will touch you in unexpected and life-changing ways. As you board zodiacs and zoom through an obstacle course of icebergs, you’ll feel the pureness of the cool Antarctic air. This is a frozen land overflowing with stories of historical explorations, groundbreaking science, and the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

Simply put, Antarctica is the ultimate experience of a lifetime and a testament to the spirit of adventure.

At Conscious Adventurist, we travel the globe searching out the most incredible landscapes, people, and properties protecting the planet. When you are ready to travel, we know where to go and how to travel in a way that protects the planet and brings you immeasurable joy.

Adventure awaits!